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Mieko Sato is a fifth generation love miracle worker, but not the kind of miracle worker you’d think. She actually makes romantic miracles happen. But creating miracles isn’t as easy as it sounds and Mieko is still in training to control her power. With the help of her best friend and the bold new girl, they are able to help people find love and healing. But even if Mieko spends her time concentrating on solving other people’s issues, doesn’t mean she doesn’t have any of her own. Will she be able to find love too? No BL. There's like one cuss word. It's fluffy and cute and super shoujo-ey! Genre: Shoujo, Romance story, one shot


Edited Pages

I've edited some pages and added a page too to create a better understanding of the story and for better transitions. Hopefully the sudden influx of more text won't throw the pages off and you can enjoy Miracle more! ^^

posted by E.Redemption @ August 3rd, 2009, 5:12 pm  -  0 comments

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